Asus Finally Announces Its Family Of Upcoming Eee Tablets and Slates
by Matt Burns on January 4, 2011
Asus Finally Announces Its Family Of Upcoming Eee Tablets and Slates

We knew they were coming and Asus was the one that told us (twice): Tablet, lots of tablets. Asus just pulled back the sheet on several new slate devices.

The first device out the door is a the 7-inch EEE Pad MeMo. Android powers the devices and with a Qualcomm Snapdragon is at the core that can even playback 1080p content. Asus is using a 7-inch IPS screen up front and is stylus compatible.

Asus is calling the EP121 “the most powerful tablet” and the specs of the Windows 7 machine seem to support that claim: Core i5 470UM, 64GB SSD, 4GB of RAM along with a Wacom Digitizer-compatible 1280×800 IPS screen. There’s 802.11n, HDMI, and a 2.0MP cam.

The Eee Pad Transformer does the convertible netbook dance. Inside is a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core CPU — and it’s thinner than the iPad when the keyboard is detached. There’s dual cams up front with a 10.1-inch IPS 1280×800 screen. But all that fun is enhanced with its 16 hour battery life.

Eee Pad Slider is, well, an Eee Pad with a sliding keyboard. Those Asus folks have this naming thing down. There’s a 10.1-inch IPS multi-touch screen on the front with front and back webcams. The whole thing weighs in at 1.98 lbs and is only .66 inches think. Nvidia Tegra 2 is at the core and runs an Asus-skinned Android release.

The whole family will slowly roll out in 2011 with the Eee EP121 Slate hitting this month for $999 – $1099 followed by the Transformer in April for $399 – $699. The Slider will drop in May for $499 – $799 in May and the Mimo in June for $499 – $699.


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  • oh god…. not more tablets please, most of them have as much juice as my tetris.

    • @wpwp: “madness…”

      Madness? Have you looked at this scan carefully, doctor? At his face? It’s love, in point of fact. Something a good deal more dangerous.

  • I see that Windows logo
    and all I can think is

  • Where was this held at?

  • did you even read the tech specs? what an inane comment. This tablet actually looks quite powerful, especially when you consider THE 16 HOUR BATTERY LIFE and the fact that its an ultrathin 7″ handheld device.

    • 16 hours battery life is for the Transformer, very likely because there are more batteries stored in the keyboard. If you leave the keyboard goodbye 16hrs, with the keyboard how much is the weight and size?

  • The battery life on those will be very interesting. Windows 7 means full Windows apps, Office, Flash/Silverlight, different browsers…we’ll see how that takes off.

  • Putting Windows 7 on a Slate is FAIL.

    • Putting Windows 7 on a slate is a MUST!

    • Funny I’d much rather have Windows logo than Apple! I hate my ipad its been a waste of money in both my and husbands opinion. At least I can use my computers with Windows for all my interests Apple is so worried about making money I can’t use my ipad to view anything using Adobe Flash Player and one has no idea how much uses it until you can’t open anything!

      • I’m pretty sure you don’t have an ipad and are a microsoft fan boy, or girl for that matter, if you had an ipad then you would know that there is a an app called frash that can run flash on your ipad, iphone, itouch. Also can you really blame apple for not wanting it. Adobe is so finnicky and has so many problems, HTML5, i have found to be much more realiable. Anybody out there who has windows and adobe flash on their computer knows what i’m talking about. Why would apple want 3rd party company trashing up their devices? Because as soon as it starts causing glitches and problems the ignorant users of them are gonna blame APPLE, when it’s not their fault. That’s why microsoft takes a bad rap, i have adobe on my windows 7 run laptop and i have websites not work with flash, all the time, and also adobe asks me everyday if i want to update my software and when i do it says, you already have the latest software installed do you want to install it again, and then i’ll turn around the next day and it does the same thing. Hell, if it can’t tell a simple thing like the fact i am already updated then what makes you think apple is going to let it do something complicated like run embedded flash on websites????

      • APPLE IS AMAZING!!! i love how my iphone 4 cost 300$ and worked perfect till the warenty was up… same with my ipad and hp pc witch is from M$ they both only care about money M$ is just flimsy and apple restricts u from everything

  • Something about Asus’ branding peeves me. Its boring, jagged, and vanilla in taste. With product names likes the Eee EP121 (i’m a right brainer), I immediately turn off to listening to this company. “Inspiring Innovation” is a terribly lame USP, and really isn’t true or unique. Buzz words galore and doesn’t have the track record to legitimate this claim. Maybe they are looking towards the future?

    This is really unfortunate because the actual product from the pictures above looks pretty cool.

    • Re brandind, it is culural. Consider the ads and branding for early Asian brands, such as Nissan, Samsung, LG etc prior to them engaging Western agencies. Agreed re the actual hardware. My first gen EE PC 7″ was built like a tank. I fell in love with it the second I saw it in a shop. I think their MeMo will be huge. People have wanted something like that for years.

      • Sorry about typos! Ironically am using an iPad one fingered held in left hand whilst our cat suckles my tummy where iPad would normally go! Lol, cat? ;)

    • @ryan, I was like you at first. I thought ASUS was just another crappy brand. but I bought my first ASUS G50 gaming notebook because I was tired of the Alienware hype and price hikes. Since then my impressions of ASUS have changed dramatically.

      My customers are always surprised at the FREE 1 year notebook accident replacement, so ASUS has the BEST notebook warranty in the business Period!

      I build all my computers with many ASUS components now and I’ve always had great results with ASUS products, and unless or until they disappoint me, I will continue being a satisfied ASUS customer.

      @ZuDfunck, & @Crusader, What Tablet OS would you suggest??? On phones Android is ok but on a tablet it seems kind of weak right now, so what else is left???

      Why Limit Yourself???
      I would suggest a sort of dual boot with Win7 for “Desktop Mode” with Android and or Web OS for “Tablet Mode”. The specs on the EP121 are not too shabby for a tablet, so the hardware is certainly capable and this would seem to make alot of people happy.

      PS. Thank you ASUS for providing more options in the market.

  • Cheers to options! The Asus doesn’t sound like a bad deal. But who the heck is Asus? My perception it’s the bargain alternative. Does that men good customer service and warranties?

    • Asus is a major manufacturer of computer components and has (maybe still does) manufacture components for Apple, Dell, and HP. They figured out a few years ago that they could make a lot more money selling direct to the consumer.

      • I believe that Asus makes the motherboard…whoops…I mean “Logicboard” for Macs as well ad for other computer manufacturers. I believe they are also big for people building their own computers.

  • Cheers to options! The Asus doesn’t sound like a bad deal. But who the heck is Asus? My perception it’s the bargain alternative. Does that mean good customer service and a satisfactory warranty?

    • My problem with Asus’ name is that every time I see it my mind misses the “u”

      I got one of their netbooks for my daughter and their product quality is pretty good, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking negatively about them every time I see “as_s”

    • ASUS is actually a very respectable and high quality brand of motherboards, laptops, and other computer hardware.

      ASUS entering the tablet field should be taken with as much emphasis as another big name like when Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab.

      With the exception of the Slate running Windows 7, the other tablets are running Honeycomb (Android 3.0) which is awesome. I’m still awaiting the full on specs to see how these pan out.

  • More attempt to follow the leader and failing

    • If you mean, follow the leader as Tablets, then you mean IBM, right?
      If you don’t remember, which I can see you don’t, IBM made the first tablet back in the late 90′s. But people who jump in the tech world but don’t want to be nerds all think that Apple did it first. Bzzzz, wrong!!! Do your research first before you speak.
      Who made the second tablet?
      Third was Apple.

  • A tablet running a full windows OS does not sound that great. I have a feeling the whole user experience is not gonna be to awesome, the transformer looks kinda cool because it can be a fully featured laptop or a touchscreen (good for presentations etc…).
    Nothing very interesting though…

  • Asus software + Window 7 + tablet = big piece of…

    Should be interesting to hack into linux tho, but im not paying that price.

  • Asus used to be a company produced a majority of the best quality PC motherboard. I think their move in doing a better tablet with windows is very good. Why? I’m an iPad user and my user experience told me you just can’t take it seriously as an alternative to your laptop.

  • The Transformer looks sweet ..

    Look at other CES trends at
    using CES query

  • I like the transformer with the retractable keyboard.
    When I’m on the go (or on the bed) I could use the touch screen keyboard and if I need to some work on it I could use the attached keyboard.

  • I have an ASUS netbook and it has performed fairly well.

    The Slide if as thin as suggested looks like the pick for my intended use. Still there are a lot more announcements to come. Motorolla & HTC tablets will be interesting given their greater experience with Android

  • Slowly one is getting tired in referring every new gadget that comes to the market is killer. Example, will this new phone be the next IPhone killer? We heard this over and over. NOW will this new Pad the next IPad killer? Does the news media use Apple as the benchmark for new products such as cell phones and pads or just lazy writing . .

    • Dont have to worry about an iphone killer as the HTC evo did that quite well and with the help of Dummy Steve Jobs selling the iphone ithat crap iphone 4 apple is a dusty oldie

  • You might think they would have taken the time to clean the screen before presenting it to the world. Might make a great product.. but not to smart when it comes to marketing.

  • I have a asus laptop and it has one feature on it that makes it a piece of crap. It is the “Elan smartpad” mousepad. It has a mind of its own and is always changing pages on me and performing actions on its own that totally disrupt my computer functionality. I’ve called customer support and thy are no help whatsoever. It seems that any time I have called them, they are totally inept (and I can never understand their foreign accent) and they are always trying to sell me something. I will NEVER buy another asus computer again! Owning one has turned into a very disappointing experience.

    • Since I have had laptops since the first IBM (limited, but built of magnesium, you could stand on it) and of course had the first laptops with the mousetablet just where my hands fell, driving me crazy and actually causing me to lose days in working on problems. Just cat a 3×5 card, taped it onto the mousetablet, used various mice which had to be attached (or not, with wireless mice). Eureka, problem solved. Most newer laptops have mouse programs which disable that feature, either with a command, or when you plug in a mouse.

    • Always refreshing to hear a rtioanal answer.

  • I have the ipad and you know what it is not Flash compatible….so most of the times it is useless for me…… has become a babysitter for my children storing losts of ipad games. Disappointed in the ipad.

  • am i missing something here? whats the purpose for these tablets?mp3/mp4 playback, web browsing on the go?checking email on the road? seems like a lot of hype for little use……


  • crap crap crap crap.

  • lets make a laptop with a generic detachable keyboard and call it a tablet.

    eh. good for appeal. wont sell to me – it’s currently useless in my opinion unless you truly dispise the idea of a keyboard on any mobile OS.

  • You have to love how tablets are all the rage, AGAIN. I mean it’s 2001 and it’s WIndows Tablet PC ALL over again, only this time there is no pen required. I liked the concept in 2001, and I like it even beeter now. I just don’t know that I can justify the cost unless the WIndows version is fully functional. I already have an iPhone & iPad which are NO replacement for a laptop. If anything now I have to carry an iPad and my laptop, sigh.

    As for ASUS, I’ve been using Asus motherboards for about 9/10 years. They’ve always been consider one of the top board manufacturers among the overclocker crowds. Not always considered THE best but generally amongst the top. I know I’ve never had a bad one. They are somewhat new to the general consumer market, so it’s normal for people to question if it’s junk. Not like there isn’t a TON of junk out there. Anyhow If they maintain the same quality as they have in the passed they will soon be a well known consumer level brand.

  • I think all this technology is pretty cool. Now though people will be trying to text, watch movies, play with their apps, all on a machine bigger than the windshields in their car. Talk about raising the bar on texting while driving.
    I can hear it now: “Gee officer I was just watching the last 5 minutes of the movie and had just switched over to read the newest release by my favorite author, when I received a text from my friend wanting me to meet them at the bar and went to plug in the adapter because the battery was dead, I just didn’t see the stop sign .”

    • some of these tablets are running android software …. that will be interesting to see…. forget the windows crap, anything that runs windows eventually ends up as a paper weight unless you keep it as a novelty item and never connect it to the web.

  • “iPad Killers”? That’s a good one.
    After many years, people stop calling every MP3 player an “iPod Killer” when none of them even came close. Knockoff tablets = fail.

    • You do realize that the IPad is in fact a knock-off tablet from IBM right? Or are you just cattle like the rest of the Apple crowd?

      I say you’re cattle.

    • Why oh why does the LLTS ogg file sound like crap? It’s over 90 MB, which should be enugoh for reasonable sound quoality. I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed with the various videos of presentations (LCA!) and interviews that appear online. I guess it’s the downside of the great digital media democratization: when everyone and their dog is broadcasting, half of them are not going to know which end of the microphone to hold up or how to run a codec.

  • No thanks I’ll stick with my iPad

  • I actually saw the 7 in model last week. GREAT screen and it was a very nice device! Ran fast and played video just fine over WiFi!

  • Where can I get the iPad and will it be a phon and iPad to and can u get on the line to I hope so

  • I Got A Laptop Are Ready! But That Laptop Is Cool!

  • i hate how all these tablets are slowly becoming keyboard-less computers. the reason i like my iPad so much is because it isnt as heavy duty as a computer, its a lightweight media device. If i want all the features they are putting into these new “tablets” i can always just use my laptop… cmon people


  • John F. C. Taylor - January 6th, 2011 at 1:10 pm UTC

    Big whoop. Only way these should be interesting is as a portable business tool when you absolutely must stay in contact with your office or home base.

  • This old stuff compared to the new item brought out by Micro Vision of Seattle. Hook it to your Ipod and you can project movies, TV etc on your walls or ceiling….for under $300.00 The flat screen is gonna go they way of the buggy whip.

  • I’m sorry but the price is still too high. You all forget that college kids don’t have the funds for these high price tools to help with there education. The one’s who get them have parents who can afford them. A lot of the readeres have wifi and other programs that are 500 to 800% cheaper.

  • Not a fan of tablets – the functions are too limited. But my experience with ASUS is only good – in fact exceptional.
    Too many apple fan-boys/girls out there. Apple is useless in most of the business world.
    MS is worse BUT it’s what the biz world uses so W7 is the correct way to go.

    BTW, find the whole argument about non-apple products being inferior copies truly amusing. Get rid of your non-Ford cars – there is only one original – lol. Apple product owners are far scarier than their products. Sound like tea partiers!

    • You have the most intelligent statement I have read so far. I like you (not in that sense or way) but I do like an intelligent comment.

      What’s funny is that if you were to tell them that ASUS made some of the hardware in their little apples (or used to) then they would say it is a great product, but when it competes with them then they hate it.

    • Finally, a comment that nails Apple fanatics dead on. They DO seem as strange and scary as Tea Baggers sometimes. Why do I have this attitude? Because I dislike any business model that is designed to paint you into a corner so you can ONLY work with “company products” and have to pay to turn around. When Steve jumped back in and yanked all the contracts that allowed other companies to make Apple compatible machines about 10 years ago, in to fold Apple fans loved it … and the rest of the world sighed and went back to buying Windows PCs because they got so much MORE bang for the buck. That’s the way real competition works!

      • I wondered why Apple stopped the licensing deals; I had understood that it was because the licensors were interested only in the big-$ graphics workstation clones. Interesting that it seems to have been initiated by Mr. Jobs. I always preferred Steve Wozniak to Steve J; Woz was the true tech designer. Loved his book iWoz.
        Yes, I remember early IBM tablets. I also thought they were a good idea; I remember one program for the ThinkPad via which one could copy edit by making traditional editing marks with a stylus—as I was in publishing at the time I was quite intrigued. Now not sure whether a tablet will be the successor to my laptop (MacBookPro; for all the hype by the true fanatics, I do find that Apple products are well designed, debugged before release, and very reliable); probably not, as I want all the laptop functionality, but would really like something that I could wear comfortably in a backpack at work or elsewhere so I didn’t have to worry about secure storage. I guess that, like everyone else, I want it all!

  • I like my ipad WAY better. This will sell if it’s 100 dollars cheaper than the ipad. Than all of the cheapies will buy it:P

  • I saw an ASUS driving the sound and lights at a Broadway show this weekend. That’s all.

    • No need to say more. That’s a pretty good credit. I manage with Windows XP on the volunteer computer at my congregation, but prefer the later versions of Mac OS that I have been using since 2002 or so. (Though I am not as thrilled with Snow Leopard; I am still more comfortable in Tiger.)

  • w7 and NEW google = HORRIBLE - January 6th, 2011 at 2:09 pm UTC

    why on gods green earth would you buy a windows 7 tablet or a google tablet.they are both really horrible.although after samsungs fail with the tab,it only makes sense competition would come along

  • Apple user’s should keep there bias opinions to their selves!

  • A million companies can roll all the tablets they want….they will never compare to an iPad! Apple rules!!

  • asus LOL, Its like buying a Family Dollar brand of PC. Its the junkiest piece of crap brand ive ever dea;t with.

    • Your funny. I guess you don’t know who made your computer. I guess you thought Apple made everything all by them selves.

      What a dumb a**.

  • dude yall/yous are crazy windows 7 is the best especially over windows xp its fast and modern looking

  • What is the stock symbol for ASUS?

  • I bought the MacBook Air…… best of all. No monthly charges… so nice.

  • This thing weighs about 2 lbs and is a half inch thick! The ipad is a lot better than this. Although, a 16 hour battery life and 4gs ram is pretty impressive.

  • R. Michael Lawrence - January 6th, 2011 at 3:00 pm UTC

    Here we go–again. More “advanced” technology. These people just keep adding more and more–and still more. . . .
    I seriously think that it may be about time that someone REALLY look into what is happening with all of this electronic technology.
    People are so busy playing around with all of this stuff that they have no time to shower or shave.
    And, really now, what does all of this do? Is it really substantial; does it really add to a better life for everyone; does all of this technology really improve anything–really, deep down. Does it?
    All of this electronic technology is becoming rather shallow. A book stays with you–a computer crashes. Has anyone burned a computer lately? Perhaps in some sort of auto-da- fe, maybe? Do computers really have that kind of thought power? How enduring are computers?
    Has anyone–anywhere on this planet–asked these questions? There are many questions that we need to ask about this electronic technology.
    There is a lot more at stake here than have the latest gizmo to “wow” everyone.

  • So this device is still is running windows. Yuch!

  • junk begets junk

  • ASUS has been around for as long as I can remember. I was a system builder as far back as the early 90′s. ASUS has been a board and component manufacturer since the early 90′s, maybe earlier. I would venture a guess that 50% of system have ASUS components in them. Apparently they have stepped into the PC market in the past few years, but they have been around a long time. PC’s are great and so are

  • ASUS has been around for as long as I can remember. I was a system builder as far back as the early 90′s. ASUS has been a board and component manufacturer since the early 90′s, maybe earlier. I would venture a guess that 50% of systems have ASUS components in them. Apparently they have stepped into the PC market in the past few years, but they have been around a long time. PC’s are great and so are Mac’s. It’s all about personal preference and what you start out using. They’re all quirky and have they’re own issues. It’s all about knowing how to use them and work around their quirks. I started out with PC’s, but use them both. Takes a little getting accustomed to, but the Mac is a very nice system too.

  • all you bitches dont know 2 cents about computers

  • What about networking? I’m not seeing anything about it and no questions. Doesn’t the iPad need to network through at&t?

  • AKCPF It appears to me.

  • I’m all for the touch tablets but like the iPads, they are so freaking expensive! I’m gonna wait!

  • It amuses me how much people complain about newer computers/handhelds/tablets/etc. considering how much greater power they have over what came many years prior >> and . Quit complaining, technology has moved forward, and random bashing of technology doesn’t really solve anything, they have pros and cons for both.

  • i ilke it so much

  • I was nearly sold on it, EXCEPT for the fact that it only had a 2.0 MP camera. I mean come on they’re developing 12.0 MP cameras now

  • I am going to Vegas this weekend to party gamble and get drunk as hell!

  • I know ipad lovers, who are apple/Apple fans
    but what is the verdict on Android tablet vs Asus vs ipad? My samsung droid is great, but I just got rid of Palm/palm Treo. I am not ready to switch all to Apple/apple/MAC. Any words from crossovers?

    And by the way, Upper or lower case “g/G” god/God/GOD or OMG! Why does this matter? Keep it between you and your God/god! Bunch of tea party recruits – YIKES!

  • I have a cheap ass phone, an old desktop, and a pickup truck…It don’t get no better than that!!!!

  • nostradomas has had me laughing for a whole hour with his comment!

  • The only thing Apple products are good for are playing silly kids’ games.

  • Cant wait to start hacking that piece of shit!

  • Some enterprising fellow might make a few bucks teaching a course in illiteracy, using,as a primer, a collection of the stuff appearing in your “comments”.

  • Enought with all these new things already! I have had it! I think I have finally been pushed to the edge enough to junk all my new sh*t and break out my old VCR. The world is going too damned fast for me. How about we improve all the crap we have now and stop making new crap for at least 5 years. I am sure humanity will survive and we will have some extra change in our pockets.

  • Do you hear yourselves! I think if you bought an Ipad for any other reason than entertainment your a retard. Yes it does all those marvelous thing, but it is still design for the quick reference checking your emails, updating status, surfing the web, you know quick references, if your trying to manage a business do payroll, taxes get a life! better yet get a computer. The tablet is WACK that should be CAPITALIZED! If Apple isn’t all that it set out to be there would be no reason to be better. Dont go with the copy just get the original

  • A bunch of damn computer geeks is what you are…

  • Was it ASUS or ANUS?

  • You will find out at the end of your life why GOD is capitalized……………

  • there is nothing better than apples made all those junks cant tuch apple

  • ASUS is a Taiwan centered electronics firm… so it isn’t whether you should but MS or Apple…BUY EITHER… quit griping and keep our money in the USA!
    Same with autos… a Fusion from Mexico or a Canadian GM or a USA built Toyota (on land given to them… with Clinton tax breaks for balance of trade offsets…. subsidized by the Japanese gov’t thru offshore investment incentives) ???
    No contest…make sure the potfits end up in the USA…. Keep the profits in the USA and the support research and development money here. to…
    too many Toyota’s suck today anyways.
    OK.. pin pulled..

  • Get a life you bunch of morons, god should be ashamed if he/she had any part in your spelling skills.

  • My gosh, all the fuss. I have 2 HP’s, and 3 Mac’s in my home. I have to pay $40/yr. for virus protection that always seems to fail on the pc’s. The Macs have run perfectly on the Internet daily, and don’t require ANY kind of care. The pc’s need constant updating for uncountable viruses and trojan horses. (jeez). Even my grandkids ask to use the Macs. They just don’t like using “Windows” that won’t take commands. That’s why I have this MacBook Air. -”iphoto” w/face recognition is unbeatable. Just facts from a very satisfied Mac user.

  • As an owner of both an i-pad & a G-73 Asus computer I am intrigued by the prospect of the new tablets….if you have never used an Asus computer or an i-pad you are missing out. You might want to try the new product

  • For those of you who think God doesn’t exist or that His name need not be capitalized – don’t worry – you’ll get a one way ticket to the down under.
    Enjoy the heat.


  • Windows can claim they have something, but nothing surpasses the flawlessness of the iOS. These may faintly hinder iPad sales, but faintly. At the most, it will hinder the gross, not net. Apple is always a step ahead. Although Windows announced their tablet, Apple already has an established device with an extensive and easily accessible App Store. Not to mention, Apple is going to release the iPad 2 this year, and they released the Mac App Store today!

  • Please! Please! Please, people. Instead of spending all of your money on electronic gadgets, invest in an English class. Learn to spell and how to construct a sentence. For the love of God, please use the correct words when making a sentence, i.e. their (his or her), there (a place).We all make typos, and use improper grammar occasionally, but those who need a course in English really do stand out. I really don’t mean to be rude or critical, I just cannot let it pass any longer!

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