Next-Generation Surface Gets Official Shots And Specs
by Devin Coldewey on January 6, 2011
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We saw the new Surface twice yesterday, but getting shots of it turned out to be a bit difficult, and if you wanted to see video, you had to skip through the live stream of Ballmer talking about Zunes and Kinect sales (fun as that was). But they’ve gotten official with a video and a bunch of official photos, so feast your eyes on the new Surface.

Of course, you’re unlikely to see one in your home any time soon: they cost ~$7600. I suppose that’s what you have to expect to pay for 1920×1080=2457600 tiny camera-pixels. Or whatever they are. The Samsung SUR40 is 40″, but the name suggests we’ll be seeing more sizes. More info at the Surface blog.

I’m going to have to pay these guys a visit and shame them for not letting me in on the secret early. I thought we were tight, Surface guys!

Devin Coldewey (it's "cold-away") is a freelance writer and photographer based in Seattle. His personal website is, and you can reach him at devin at crunchgear dot com.

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  • I’m commenting here to hopefully win a T-Mobile HTC HD7. @Devin loved your Kinect video review a month or so ago. Hilarious.

    • Oh wait, are we still running contests? Screw the HD7, what do I need to say to win this Surface?

      Seriously though, this surface thing might get really big with this next generation. There’s certainly a compelling use-case for it, and the redesign that uses touchscreen rather than a projector makes it a lot easier to imagine using in a business setting. The price drop is also going to help. I think Microsoft is on to something here. I know I’d want one as my dining table if the price could come down in to the $1000-$2000 range…

    • please HD 7

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    • I am in the medical field and the uses for this could be industry changing. I can’t wait to see what we can do.

  • Amazing how it recognized text put on top of it :O

    But isn’t supposed to be cheaper than the older Surface?

  • I would love to have one of these.

  • Yep, like Marcus I’m mooch prowling your CES coverage cuz that tweet tipped me to the Tmobile giveaway.
    Had to giggle at the video- the lady’s wallet was sitting on the corner of the Surface: wonder if the blink tech built into her credit cards could create a privacy concern – ie. the Surface responds with “your credit limit will easily allow you to make this purchase right now.”
    Also remember the time my beer-lout buddy tried to use my iPad as a coaster for his frosty mug. Ugh.
    And can you imagine what stealthy CSI tricks could use the Surface- grabbing finger prints, running a secret lie-detector app or building iris recognition into an invisible embedded webcam?

    • Loving the comments about these surfaces looking into your wallet and getting after your credit card information, but that sounds a bit closer to an Ad-sense type feature, rather than something you would get from MSFT.

      There are worse things these could be seeing in your wallet. Image some 16 year old drops his wallet on the surface and it tells him the little ring shaped thing in his wallet is expired…

      A little too helpful?

  • I haven’t seen any first generation “surface” in my country yet, so I don’t expect to see and try this one soon…

    PS: The “short URL” widget doesn’t work (the field contains only the text “Array”)

  • Looks sick, wish it didn’t cost 7k though

  • Apparently the HD7 Contest broke the comment funtion on that thread! LOL…. But you did say post anywhere, so here I am! I currently have and HD2, so going to the HD7 would be great!! Especially free!

  • I’ll take one for the office! Looks like the one off Hawaii 5-0 on NBC.

  • I wonder if the people at cnn are giddy? They seem to use a wall mounted version for everything

  • I really wish I had one of these at home. And an HD7 would be nice too.

  • I’ve love to win the T-Mobile HTC phone or both of them or a Surface!.

  • did these things come down in price yet? i want one

  • why is this a) not cheaper yet and b) not available for home use? why, why, why?

  • Surface looks cool… This site has issues in IE9 stuff keeps disappearing.

    And I would like an HD7!

  • I would love to be able to play a whats its name 80´s soccer game where you were looking the field and players from the top.

  • Foosball…. yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • Microsoft is doing a great job with Surfaces, I look forward to seeing it used in everyday life and not only on demo videos!

    PS: T-Mobile HTC HD7 please! ;)

  • I want to see home use. Forget business!

  • Looks good, but for 7k, I can’t put that in my house. Seems like its only targeted for businesses and medical offices.

  • Only if they could reduce the cost. I would kill to own one.

  • Wow, if only we could play angry birds on it.

  • This keeps getting better. Would live to see this, or at least a smaller version, in the consumer market

  • i really would like to have one of these at home. it looks incredible!

  • Awesome. I want this and an HD 7.

  • Looks like lots of fun.

  • I want one for my House (along with hat HD7 you are giving away! LOL)

  • That does look incredibly nice, would love to have something like that in my living room. Don’t see that happening in the near future however. As a side note: I could use a HD7, perhaps even more as my phone has died.

  • I’m thinking this needs to be about $3500. The LCD is about $850 for a 40″ and the rest of the hardware, $2500 is plenty of profit. Oh well it will take a while. If you can connect 2 tablets running one application at the same time sharing you render this less useful I think.

  • I’d been wondering what happened to this idea.

  • The surface is DEFINITELY one of the coolest things we’ve seen so far at CES, and I’m kinda surprised it didn’t see the hype that a lot of other products did (from Microsoft, not the viewers.)

  • I got to use the first Surface quite a bit and still do whenever I am at the regional Microsoft office. Its as good as the demo videos showed. I was really impressed. After using it I could see how this version if in the $2000 to $3000 range in the future could easily start making it into homes. I would definitely be looking to get one.

  • Imagine the impact on table-top minatures gaming…a chip built into the mini so that unit statistics and such could be pulled up in the screen instead of shuffling thru army listings…even built-in diebots so that you don’t have to roll ‘me on the table.

    D&D and Warhammer 40K would never be the same!

  • I love the idea of this.

    I would quite happily have one in my house, and what would be cool is if it could be wall mounted :)

    But at a massive price point, I don’t think I could afford anything like that :(

  • I recently had a “new” phone that was sooo much worse than my old cheap motorola candybar. I had thought that the newer, the better (technology etc.) I would love to check this one out

  • Can I hook up a T-Mobile HTC HD7 to it????

  • I think this is great!!!! I wonder if they could come up with something with some of the different states that use touch screen voting machines and intergrate this that would be great expecially if it could intergrate some of the work that goes along with the elections…. Would love to see what it is completly capble of…

  • Has anyone seen the new Hawaii 50? They use these “surface” things and if they really work how it is shown to work, they’re amazing! You take your USB drive, let it touch the surface, and all photos populate onto the surface to be viewed all at once. I’m sure there’s lots of other incredible things it can be used for, but being a non-techy, I was impressed by that!

    • Downloading photos from a USB drive through Surface is physically impossible because a [USB] drive doesn’t “know” how to interact any other way.
      Osmosis doesn’t work with electronics. :)

  • I can’t believe it took them this long to make this public. I first saw this computer almost five years ago. I’m also disappointed in the video. The demostration that I recieved was much better. The video leaves out that this computer has bluetooth capabilities and all you have to do is set any bluetooth device on the desktop and it creates a circle around the device. You then double tap the circle and it opens the files of that device and you treat it like any folder on the desktop. I can’t wait for the price to come down!

  • Here’s a better link to a demonstration video from Popular Mechanics

    Check out this video. It’s much better than the one provided by the author of this article!


  • This technology is not new. I have seen this technology somewhere in the past; about 25 years ago. If I remember correctly; it was SONY then. For some (unknown) reason it never caught on.

  • can you say OUCH! major neck cramps looking down at this on a table-top. although the technology and software are remarkable i think this surface can and will definitely improve.

    i wish i could get a wall mounted one (:

    Oh& a T-Mobile HTC HD7 cell would be soo nice seeing as how i nor any of my immediate family even have a cell phone. thanks.

  • Gee They stole my idea i took my 52in lcd but it under plexi table serface and run the web through my PS3 it looked really cool. Now I guess I have to do something else to be ahead of the curve.Cool Gadget.

  • This stuff is getting a bit too out of hand. Everything is getting so simple. And then they wonder why the world is suffering from money problems. Theyre spending it all on this stuff. And obesity is a problem too. Hmmm….I wonder what would be the cause of that (besides eating too much)
    What ever happened to not being so lazy and just get up and take 5 minutes out of your so-filled-up-with-things-to-do life and put on a computer?
    im just basing my opinion. Why, instead of spending millions on making life simpler for us lazy Americans instead of helping others? ><


  • I’ve heard of Microsoft surface before products like the iPad, and iPhone but I wonder technically, which came first? Surface of the iPhone/iPad inregards the the touch technology?

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